Today, Canada is everyone’s favorite choice when they are searching for a better country to migrate to. This is simply because Canada would always welcome foreigners with open arms as these same foreigners in one way or the other would help their economy grow. Recent statistics have shown that in every year, Canada welcomes up to one hundred thousand workers who fill up different specific jobs and this is also because there is a massive shortage in skilled manpower in Canada which has led employers to search for applicants in foreigners who have what it take to take up these jobs.

Why Canada Needs and Welcomes Foreign Workers

Temporary Job Application

Any foreigner with the desire to work in Canada must first of all have a valid work permit but this permit isn’t just easy to come by as one must first ascertain if he or she is eligible and qualified to have this work permit document. Some requirements before one would have the work permit in his or her possession include;

  • There needs to be a proof to an immigration officer that you would leave Canada once your work permit expires
  • Willing to obey the countries rules and mustn’t have a criminal record
  • Financial status documentation showing that you have what it takes to take care of yourself and any other family member
  • Positive medical results
  • No desire to work for employers who the Canadian government don’t think they are eligible
  • Provision of all of these documents at the immigration office so as to gain access into Canada

When an employer has a job offer for you, you would need to have an employer work permit before moving to Canada and this same employer would have to take a trip to the LMIA to ascertain whether or not employing a foreign worker would affect the country’s economy positively or negatively. However, a foreign worker can only be employed if no born Canadian worker meets the necessary documentation or requirements.

Permanent Job Application

This type of job application however involves express entry programs for every province so workers can have immigration facilities. The skilled labor market however comes with various opportunities and its four main programs include;

  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Federal skilled workers program
  • Few provincial nominees programs
  • Canadian express class

The FSWP program requires that candidates should already have up to a year of experience in any skilled field. He or she should also be proficient in speaking English or French

The FSTP program has the same requirements as that of the FSWP but this time there has to be an additional job offer for full time combined with a two year work experience

The CEC only wants workers to have just a year experience in full time and should also have language test results that are valid

The provincial nominee programs would offer foreign workers express entry if applications have been approved.


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