In Canada, there are several types of employment and it is of great importance to be able to understand what each means or depicts so as to be able to figure out that which would be best for your goals, level of education, profile and also that which would suit your needs. Here are the various types of employment.

Part Time Employment

In Canada, we have several jobs that offer partial day, occasional, evening and even weekend employment and the interesting part is these jobs can also be found under the retail stores, food stores, hospital industry and so on. How much one would be paid clearly depends on the company but most of the times, workers of such employment get the minimum wage as payment.

Various Employment Contracts in Canada

Permanent Employment

This is one of the most popular and common employment form you can find in Canada. Under this category, every worker gets a type of job which involves health benefits, a good salary and also other forms of bonus or incentives. This category also leaves workers open to personal and educational benefits.

Under this category also, the employer and the employee have different payroll deduction such as the income tax, Canada pension plan, union dues, employment insurance and many more. This category also opens workers to government support just of a worker loses his or her job and isn’t at fault.

Freelance and Contract Employment

People also get to be employed on contract basis in Canada and it is also very possible for every contract worker to also enjoy some benefits coupled with their pay. Contract workers or staff are most of the times hired specifically to deal with a particular problem and once such problem is addressed or solved, they no longer have a contract with the company and would be asked to leave unless their services is still required.

Companies would want contract workers to own a registered corporation so as to get rid of some future liabilities. In order to freelance, you must visit revenue Canada and obtain a GST number which would allow you to open up a business in Canada.

Other forms of employment

Canada also has other jobs like unpaid, seasonal, cooperative, internships, summer jobs, voluntary work among others so depending on your educational institution and where you stay in Canada, you would be open to several opportunities.


In Canada, employers prefer hiring someone who has already worked in Canada and volunteering to work for a job in Canada has some benefits like having Canadian experience and also showing the zeal to work without wanting anything in return.


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