When considering countries with great job opportunities, one country to also look at is Australia and if you are an immigrant planning on coming to Australia to work and settle down then you are making a good move is Australia is a country with several job options and also better career opportunities.

Top 5 Occupations with the Highest Number of Australian Permanent Resident Visas

From 2017 to 2018, almost every occupation in Australia was in high demand and occupations like technicians, professionals and even managers ranked very high in applying for the Australian permanent resident visa. They occupied about 68% of the Australian permanent resident visa between 2017 to 2018.

In 2018, nurses, software engineers and accountants got the highest number of invitations but that would however come with no surprise as the engineers and accountants always tend to have a high demand and reach a high limit. The most popular occupations with the highest number of invites are listed below;

  1. Software engineers which take up to 3112 permanent resident invitations
  2. Cooks with about 1257 permanent resident invitations
  3. Program developers with 1487 permanent resident invitations
  4. Accountants with 3505 permanent resident invitations
  5. Registered nurses with 1561 permanent resident invitation

The skilled visa program occupies 35,528 spots with migrants inclusive and 29,307 spots from the 35,528 occupied the employer nominated category while every space left was occupied by the regional sponsored migration scheme.

In the Australian labor market, Indian applicants occupy about 33,310 spots under the skill migration program and these programs includes;

  1. Australia skilled regional provisional visa program 489
  2. Australia skilled independent visa program subclass 189
  3. Australia state sponsored visa program 190

Under the skill migration, the Australian permanent residency makes use of a point-based immigration system in inviting candidates and even with the fact that there are lots of visa applications, there are still certain jobs which are low in demand.


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