It is a known fact that immigrants are said to be able to move faster when working with any of the in-demand thirty two technology companies according to the British Columbia and it is however a known fact that in every week, the program sends out special invitations to various candidates but in the following categories listed below

Top 20 Canada’s Most High Demand Jobs

  1. Health care professionals
  2. Skilled workers
  3. International post graduates
  4. International graduates
  5. Entry level workers

A pool is conducted to select the qualified candidates from the many that were shortlisted and the selected qualified candidates would still require to meet up the British Columbia Immigration basic requirements which insists that they either have a job offer from a reputable company or be employed at the moment.

The BC PNP Tech Pilot provides employers with access to series of services which in turn sets them in line with a streamlined application for potential employees and employees in any of the shortlisted occupations.

In order to meet employers growing demands, BC PNP tech pilot is tasked with the objective of recruiting skilled workers to the British Columbia and some of the BC PNP tech pilot program includes;

  1. An improved concierge service for every employer
  2. Weekly invitation that is being sent out to every candidate
  3. Ease of access to immigration information
  4. Employers access to qualified persons
  5. Reliable BC PNP tech team
  6. Immigration Candidates Priority Processing
  7. Engagement and Focused Outreach
  8. Next business day assignment of application
  9. One on one employer services and BC PNP sessions


  1. Hi there, I’m here on behalf of my sister
    Who’s a HRM at one of the Barclays Bank branch in Ghana,but now she wants to move to Canada and work there so we want to no if there’s any way of help.
    . thanks

  2. My name is hoggas nabil Born on September 13, 1971 in the city of Khanshala in Algeria. Bachelor of Legal and Administrative Sciences. I have a work experience of 24 years. I work as an administrative manager in the National Taxation Department. Married and father of 4 children.

  3. Je suis citoyen tunisien je cherche un contrat de travail au Canada… j’ai un diplôme de technicien en maintenance titulaire dans la société tunisienne de chemin de fer…tel:21652283117


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