Tips to Help You Prepare & Apply for Canada Working Visa

At a designated time of the year, Canada receives about two hundred thousand foreign skilled workers who visit the country to work mostly on temporary basis and this working visa enables one to work in Canada without having to pass through points based assessments.

However, for any foreigner to be able to work in Canada, he or she must first have an employment offer from Canadian employer and he or she must also have a labor Market Opinion which is granted by Human Resource and Skills Development Canada.

Knowing each and every step is quite important in securing a Canadian work visa but it is also very necessary to note that these visas are temporary and not like the permanent immigration visas. However, when trying to acquire a Canadian work permit, the Canadian employer must have an agreement or understanding with his employee as it is quite important in securing a positive labor market opinion.

  • Find out if a temporary resident visa or passport is necessary when trying to secure a temporary work visa
  • Figure out what the requirements are when applying for a work visa
  • Secure a temporary visa application package any Canadian visa office or even from Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Failure in filling out every necessary form could result in the visa being delayed or denied
  • Look for your Canadian visa office as it is where every necessary paperwork and application would be submitted. Incomplete applications would be turned down and returned to respective applicants so they can fill it out properly
  • Be aware of the visa processing times but this sometimes depends majorly on the area you apply from. The submission of every application with required materials makes the process speeds up and more effective
  • If there is a change in address, living situation, name or even marital status, be sure to keep the Canadian visa office updated as any change in details without informing the Canadian visa office could cause some delay
  • Find eligible non-Canadian jobs in Canada
  • Also make it a duty that you would leave Canada when your employment reaches its end
  • Show proof or evidence that you have every necessary requirement for the job which may include previous work experiences and educational background
  • Disclose that there is more than enough money to sustain you and or your family during the period of your stay till you return home
  • Have no criminal record
  • Must be a law abiding citizen
  • Shouldn’t be considered as a threat to the Canada security system
  • Your documents should be translated in English if they are in any foreign language
  • Provide other necessary documents if requested so as to make securing the visa quite possible and easy

Canada is considered to be one of the hottest destinations people love to travel to in order to secure jobs but the government of Canada wants people to enter the country legally and through the application of necessary visa.


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  7. My name is Amadou Tidiane Diallo I live in Guinea I am already graduate but I want to get visa to be in canada to improve my knowledge and study at the same time.I did translation and interpreting at the university in Guinea conakry please help me to be over there.I am waiting your reply

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