On the 17th of November 2018, Nova Scotia launched its express entry immigration scheme which comes with over 225 opportunities.

This express entry scheme provides immigrants under the B category which is also inclusive in the four classes that enables Canadians to be able to figure out candidates who are eligible to secure permanent residency in Canada.

The Recent Launch of Nova Scotia’s Express Entry Immigration Scheme

The Nova Scotia Express Entry program is also in charge of nominations found under the economic category which deals with the management of skilled persons. However, applicants can either be part of the federal skilled trades, federal skilled employee or Canadian experience category.

One fact applicants must note is the express entry B category doesn’t place a need for work experience or any employment opportunity and one doesn’t necessarily need to have a comprehensive ranking score which is actually a major criteria used in ranking applicants that are under the express entry category.

A comprehensive ranking score of 600 gotten from approved propositions and provincial selections allows applicants in the B category to be able to apply for the Canadian permanent residency without taking their initial comprehensive ranking score into consideration.

The category B of the express entry states that applicants must have work experience in any of Nova Scotia eleven occupational categories. This program launched on the 17th of November was designed based on a first come and first serve system meaning every applicant that applied faster has an edge to be considered than applicants who applied later.

Various Options under Nova Scotia Express Entry Application

There are several methods and approaches that the Nova Scotia makes use of in selecting eligible candidates or applicants and apart from the first come, first serve system, any applicant with work experience in any field is the criteria the labor market takes into consideration when dealing with express entry applicants.

On the 2nd of August, the labor market priority stream was launched and it declared its initial process just after six days dating on the 8th of August. No second selection process has been revealed since then but its nominations in August centered mostly on individuals who had experiences in early childhood positions.

Apart from the B category of the Nova Scotia program, it also has an A category and this category is filled with lots of opportunities and stays open from one year to another.

In a nutshell, the Nova Scotia Express Entry Stream also stays open all through the year and anyone applying in this category must have a one work experience in any skilled profession.


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