Every manager or part time worker in Canada is entitled to a paid vacation but one major fact is the vacation pay any employee gets is quite different from the vacation time that he gets. Listed below are some of their differences;

Under Vacation Time

  1. Every worker in Canada is entitled to take three weeks away from work every year except for places like Saskatchewan where you are allowed to take three weeks off work. A worker’s vacation entitlement could either be a chosen date by the company, an anniversary date or a calendar year.
  2. Employers also have a say about when an employee decides to go on vacation and also in some companies, employers have given employees the permission to choose vacation dates
  3. Some employers have certain jurisdictions on how you take your vacation as you can either take your two weeks off immediately or take them in separate weeks.
  4. If an employee’s coincides with statutory holiday then such employee has the right to take an extra day off.
  5. Employers must not demand employees to make use of any unused vacation and also employees don’t have to be paid for not spending their vacation time.

Under Vacation Pay

  1. This amount is usually paid to an employee when he or she takes a vacation but it is varies as certain companies in Canada prefer to pay this amount in every pay-check or on the work-anniversary date
  2. Employers ought to add an extra amount for vacation pay which is different an employee’s regular earning. This extra amount is a calculated percentage of vacationable earning.
  3. Vacation earnings varies in Canada as every earning earned by an employee isn’t termed as vacationable

These are the major difference between a vacation pay and a vacation time.


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