A lot of people really have no idea Canada has their own Green Card which is similar to that of the United States of America. With the aid of the Canadian green card or permanent residency as it is popularly called, you would be able to move and work freely and conveniently as long as you desire as a citizen of Canada.

The Canadian Green Card – All You Need to Know

In a nutshell the Canadian green card is one that legally allows any individual to work and reside in Canada and before one would be able to obtain his card, he or she must first apply to be a permanent resident of Canada.

The Benefits of Being a Permanent Resident

Having the permanent residency comes with numerous benefits and under the laws of Canada, you are free to live and work anywhere you so desire as far as your permanent residency is intact. The permanent residency gives you the maximum freedom to go for any job of your choice and also walk freely throughout the country with having nothing to fear about.

Having the permanent residency also blesses you with the opportunity of being able to sponsor your family within the country and giving birth to a child in Canada simply means your child is a citizen of the country. If you are a permanent resident then you have free access to the country’s healthcare system.

How to Maintain Ones Permanent Residency

Being able to leave the country anytime you desire is another notable benefit of having the permanent residency card in Canada but while you are at this, it is very important that you note that you are required to spend a total of seven hundred and thirty days in a space of five years. The specified number of days can be spread all through the five year period and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a consecutive order and the fine for not obeying this law simply means you would have your permanent residency reversed or officially canceled.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long would it take to get the Permanent Residency Card?

It isn’t supposed to take more than 45 days but most people who have been unlucky have found themselves waiting for several months just for their card to arrive. It is however very necessary that patience is taken so your application can be properly processed.

  • How Can I Correct a Wrong Name on My Permanent Residency Card

One thing people ought to know about the permanent resident card is it has fewer spaces for names so if your surname or middle name is longer, then it would have to be shortened and that isn’t a mistake.

  • What happens to any Valid Permanent Resident Card When a new one has been applied for?

In this case, you would continue using the valid card until a renewed one arrives and if you have to travel, ensure that you carry along the old card as it would be needed for you to be able to enter into the country.

Final Words

The permanent residency is a valid document that needs to be carried along anywhere you go because you would have to tender this valid document at any visa officer when you intend returning back to the country.


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