Are you still confused about how to sponsor a child that wasn’t born inside Canada? Whether you are a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada, you can move to Canada with a child or children that weren’t born inside Canada.

Sponsoring a Child Born Outside Canada

The fun part of it all is this same child or children can be able to secure a Canadian permanent residency which would enable him or her to be able to school and work inside Canada. This also grants such child or children unrestricted access to the country’s health services.

The case is different if you are already a citizen of Canada and have a foreign based child as the child doesn’t need to apply for Canadian permanent residency because being born to parents who are Canadian citizens automatically makes such child or children citizen(s) of Canada.

Basic Requirements in Sponsoring a Child Born Outside Canada

For a parent to get the approval to sponsor any child born outside Canada, he or she must be able to meet the following requirements;

  1. Must live inside Canada
  2. Must be eighteen years old or more
  3. Willingness to sign a ten year undertaking stating that you have what it takes to sustain the child financially or just show your assets or financial records

The Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is tasked with assessing whether a parent has what it takes financially to take care of a child once the child arrives Canada and if it happens that there isn’t any form of sufficient finance, such parent might not be able to get a permanent residency.

This shows how necessary it is for a parent to show employment sufficiency or assets when bringing a child to Canada.

Furthermore, an independent child has an age requirement and a dependent child who is below twenty two is one who isn’t in a common-law relationship or isn’t married. In certain cases, the child may be the biological sponsor or the adopted child.

A child adopted when they enter Canada can be sponsored for permanent residency or even apply for direct citizenship depending on how the case may be and the adoption of any child must conform with the legal requirements of Canada and the home country of the child.


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