To avoid getting your visa application turned down, you should carefully take a look at these reasons listed below as they can serve as a guideline in avoiding such occurrence or situation;

Reasons Why Your Visa Could Be Denied

Canada is one country almost every man or woman all over the world dreams of working or schooling as they believe that the people of Canadian are known for their reception but having that in mind, a visa application to Canada can also get turned down. We have witnessed some people express their frustration as to why their visa to Canada got turned down as some also claimed that they met every standard requirement.

However, certain factors ought to be reached when you decide to apply for a visa to a foreign country and these factors include;

  1. Ability to sustain yourself financially when you arrive the country of your choice
  2. Reason for wanting to travel
  3. Employment and immigration status
  4. Information and contact provided in your documents
  5. If the conditions of admission has been met
  6. Willingness to leave the country upon the expiration of your stay

Apart from the reasons listed above, you could also be the cause why your visa wasn’t granted and here are the reasons why;

  1. Incomplete documentation – your Canadian visa could be rejected if your document doesn’t have a passport, purpose of travel, bank details or even your travel history.
  2. Low finance – your visa would certainly be rejected if your bank details shows you don’t have enough to sustain you during your stay. When applying for visa, bank details shouldn’t tell how much you have but also should show that you have a constant source of income
  3. No travel history – having a travel history which shows you have stamped entry and exit out of a country is a bonus. This shows that you have the financial ability to travel and sustain yourself in any given country
  4. Security and health standards – getting a medical test that declares you fit is a good step towards getting your visa stamped and also clearing every criminal charge against you would certainly not stand in your way of getting your visa

A common or small mistake could hinder you from securing that visa to your dream country so to avoid making these common and simple mistakes, ensure that you pay attention to these factors mentioned here as they would be key in helping you secure your visa.



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