One needs to be able to prove that he or she qualifies for a particular course of study when applying for Canada’s study permit and if you intend going into college or university or any other Canadian institution then you would need to provide an acceptance letter. The only way to show that one qualifies to study in Canada is by showing your acceptance letter.

The Canadian study permit is however a non-immigrant visa and one also needs to show that he or she has financial support that would sustain him or her through the study duration. You also need to state that your stay is temporary.

It is also possible that you might be refused the Canadian study permit even after being accepted by a Canadian institution but it is very necessary that every student knows the reasons behind his or her study application refusal.

Reasons for Refusing a Canada Study Permit

There are tons of reasons that could lead to a study permit in Canada to be refused and the IRCC is tasked with outlining why a permit is being or has been refused but listed below are some reasons that the IRCC could outline as the cause or problem;

  1. If an applicant fails to convince the immigration service that he or she would leave immediately at the end of his or her study stay
  2. Failure to show a medical report only if it is required
  3. An applicant’s inability to show financial support that would sustain him or her during their temporary stay in Canada

After taking a look at these reasons, it is left for an applicant to carefully note and observe and think of better ways to apply for a study permit in Canada or even seek the help of a lawyer

Canada Study Permit Assessment Requirements

Examining your eligibility level is the first step to be taken if your study permit got refused and for you to be qualified to study in Canada, such student must;

  1. Have no criminal records and also abides to the rule of law
  2. Be able to support himself or herself financially together with funding his or her return ticket back home
  3. Must have been accepted and offered admission by any Canadian institution
  4. Show health status and must have a sound health

Apply for Decision Review

Failing to meet some of the listed criteria can lead to your study permit application being rejected and being able to prove that you meet every criteria means you are entitled to a federal court of Canada application review. You would also need a lawyer to apply on your behalf.



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