One major issue the Canadian government is being faced with right now is the shortage of skill and manpower and millions of people have been left unemployed as a result of this due to the mismatch between the skills required and the type of workforce. This has however left employers struggling with who and who to bring in but recent statistics have also warned there would be a decrease in the availability of skilled workforce.

New Residents Needed In Canada Due to Critical Job Shortage

The growth of Canadian’s workforce comes from a seventy five percent increase in immigration and it is expected to have risen to one hundred percent before the end of the year. There is also a dire need to create awareness for employers based on employing trained workforce and this has prompted the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters to embark on a “right before your eyes” program which stresses the importance of retaining and hiring foreign workers.

This program proves to be an advantage and of great help to employers who are currently being hit by the shortage of workers and the benefit employers stand to gain from this program is tapping hidden resources that take the shape of international labor. One usefulness of this program is its ability to teach languages which helps in speeding up the process of hiring workers and some reputable Canadian companies were used as a case study.

Charlie Coffey who is the vice president of the Government and Community Affairs RBC Financial Group revealed that they were glad to be a part of the program because of the diversity involved in it. Mr Charlie also disclosed that the program would serve as a wakeup call to tackling the problem of skill shortage in Canada and he also used the opportunity to welcome employers and companies likewise that would love to employ new Canadians.

Various reasons limit skilled Canadian immigrants from working and if this problem is solved, they would help in combating the issue of skill shortage in Canada. Debbie Douglas who is the Ontario Council of Agencies Director revealed that programs which pushes for the employment of immigrants should be welcomed and appreciated.

The leading business network in Canada is the CME with ninety percent of exported merchandise and seventy five percent of its manufacturing output is gotten from its members. It has about ten divisional offices scattered across the face of Canada with its main office situated in the heart of Ottawa.


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