The Quebec province has some good news for all of its Canadian citizens as it has declared it would be giving out about 42,000 permanent residency come 2019. The Quebec province also stated that it would be giving out up to 24,800 certificates come 2019 New Year eve.

All these packages according to Quebec would serve as a New Year gift to everyone who desires to work and live in Canada. It is however believed that about fifty nine percent of all of these admissions would be through economic programs like QSW.

Let’s Talk About Canada’s New Immigration Plan Known as Quebec

The Quebec province plans for 2019 would be giving out admission letters to nothing less than 40,000 immigrants while the QEIP will absorb about 23,450 persons. Among the 23,450 persons, 19,500 would be needed as skilled workers who can actually serve the community. These skilled workers could either be doctors, teachers, engineers and more.

Other categories of workers that would be needed in the Quebec province immigration program are under the business categories and these categories include QSEWP, QEP, and QIIP. This program would be targeting up to 32,000 applicants as it is a move that would help in improving the Canadian economy.

In addition, the Quebec province program has also stated its desire to offer up to 750 slots to individuals of the economic group and this category is actually open to individuals who the province believe are actually of great importance. The slots that would be left would be open to those under the family sponsorship category.

From now till a year later, the province is tasked with the aim of providing between 20,200 to 24,800 certificates. However, the Quebec-Canada accord states that only Canadian citizens should be selected and this however proves that the Quebec province is the only province in Canada that selects its own immigrants.


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