Italian prime minster Guiseppe Conte and his cabinet have approved an Italian bill which will put a stop to all forms of protection that is being offered to every migrant in Italy and the passing and approval of this bill would make it very easy for migrants to get deported. Leader of the league and far right interior minister Matteo Salvini was in charge of drafting this bill and this bill is said to put a stop to every refugee application process of migrants that have been convicted for a crime or addressed as being socially dangerous.

Matteo Salvini is also the man responsible for putting an end to NGO rescue ships from staying at the Italian ports and this action also makes it difficult for migrants to enter Italy through water. The approval of this bill would also make Italy a little bit safer says Salvini. Providing protection for refugees who for some reasons can’t go home and getting rid of humanitarian protection are some of the plans of Matteo Salvini and he intends to replace refugees with people who are plagued with serious sickness or victims of some natural disasters.

Matteo Salvini also revealed that the passing and approval of this bill would provide more options in combating people traffickers and the mafia at large as well as offering the Italian police high amount of power in combating fake refugees and law offenders. However, the Italian parliament is tasked with modifying and debating this decree before it turns out to be an actual law in Italy.

There are reports believing that the move by Matteo Salvini would only prompt more irregular migrant activity as professor hein who is a professor of immigration and law in a university in Rome believes that if these migrants get rejected or do not enjoy the protection they once enjoyed, that it doesn’t mean they would give up and pack up and leave the next day.

Hein also disclosed that Salvini plans on putting a stop to refugees in Italy permanently through labeling migrant rescue NGO as criminals, shutting down of seaports and working hand in hand with the coastguard. He also said the decree is aimed at refugees that are already in Italy and for those who might think of coming down to Italy to just to get or obtain any form of protection.

This decree by Matteo Salvini would take down asylum rights, extend period of detentions in most facilities as well as getting rid of any form of protection for migrants. This decree is also said to prevent refugees from having access to reception centers which are set up to fight against social exclusion.



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