Lots of international students tend to fall in love with Canada after living and studying in Canada for a specific period of time and there is a little bit of luck for international students as the Canadian government also want them to stay immediately their study period runs out and for this reason, there are several immigration programs open to international students.

If you are an international student with the ability to speak good French or English and has also showed that you have what it takes to adapt to living in Canada then there is a good chance that you might extend your stay in Canada at the expiration of your study program. Here are some of the immigration programs that could help in obtaining a permanent residency in Canada.

Permanent Residency For Canada’s International students Via the Express Entry

The express entry system is referred to as Canada’s key economic immigration system and ever since it got introduced back in 2015 a lot of students have benefitted from this system. This system is dedicated towards providing international students with bonus points and these points makes it possible for them to be invited to apply for the permanent residency.

Before an international student would qualify for the express entry program he or she needs to be eligible for federal skilled workers class, Canadian experienced class or federal skilled trade program and after entering the express entry pool, a student is awarded a score under the CRS (comprehensive ranking system).

After entering the program, the Canadian government would send an invitation to students that ranks high in scores so they can submit application and draws are scheduled for every two weeks. It takes about two months to complete and submit application and the IRCC expects shortlisted students to complete the application process in about six months.

Permanent residence Via Provincial Nominee Program

Similar to the express entry program, the Canadian government uses the Provincial nominee program to persuade foreign graduates and students to stay in Canada.

A provincial nominee program is one that is operated via the immigration system and this involves a province selecting some students and graduates to stay or apply for permanent residence.

Once any candidate is nominated, he or she can go ahead and apply for the Canadian residency. However, there are several other nominee programs that is open to foreign students or graduates and they are;

  1. Manitoba nominee program
  2. Alberta provincial nominee program
  3. Saskatchewan provincial nominee program



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