If you are reading this then you should be considering moving abroad and you must have realized that you can make long term commitments in other countries or even adapt to living life in another country.

How to Move Abroad Without Money

Irrespective of how long you have worked in your country, how old you are, financial stand or even your educational background, making a move to work abroad is an adventurous and wise move.

Moving abroad provides benefits in personal, professional, interpersonal growth and development and one doesn’t need to be wealthy before considering to move abroad. Here are some steps to move abroad without requiring the use of money;

Few Steps to Move Abroad Without Money

Discussed below are some few steps one can take before moving abroad and these steps certainly guarantee that the odds would be in your favor when you eventually set foot in another country.

  1. Find a job abroad – if you are ready to let go of the fun, culture, system then you should be ready to work abroad. It is quite healthy that you forget and put the fun and benefits aside and get into action.
  2. Finding a suitable work program – whatever your reason might be for traveling abroad, ensure that you are aware of the environment and also what you are getting yourself involved in. You can find the right program either by internship or by volunteering to work for a company abroad.
  3. Make a stand – after finding a job and finding a suitable work program, make sure you are ready and let go of every fear that comes with moving abroad. If the odds are in your favor then make the decision and not look backwards.
  4. Tell your friends and family of your decision – It is however your choice and decision to seek greener pastures abroad but sometimes the support you get from family and friends helps to get rid of every doubt and fear and makes moving abroad much easier.
  5. Start the visa process – whether you would work as an intern or would be earning money or not, the type of visa you have will make a huge difference. Visa process varies in several countries and you need to figure out what kind of documentation would be needed.
  6. Prepare yourself culturally – this is quite important as you need to find out what it’s like for tourists and visitors. You need to know its crime related problems, social issues and what is socially acceptable.
  7. Be financially prepared – even though you would be traveling without money, you would still need money for your flight tickets so try to save up some money so you wouldn’t have to run into debt.
  8. Give yourself time – you would be moving abroad and it isn’t just for two weeks or on vacation. Be prepared and make your research because it would take proper timing to stay abroad successfully.

The thoughts of making new friends, living successfully and adapting to the new culture are things that would make living abroad quite exciting and worth it so do not be discouraged. If you perform great don’t be surprised if your employer refuses you to leave.


  1. Iwould love to work in Canada immigrant but l’am poor l do not have the financial price of Visa and ticket,but I have healthy…thank you..

  2. I would love to work in Canada immigrant because i have healthy but l’am poor l do not have the financial price of Visa and ticket

  3. My dream is to live and work in Canada, but financial incapability has been my problem. Please assist my dream. Thanks

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  5. Every advise said or told are true and needed often especially those selected and chosen to go and work abroad. But dear I’m not quietly financially stable, so please I need your assistant from you people. But when things go well in future i would likely to pay you back.


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