How to Become An Immigration Lawyer

Who are Immigration Lawyers?

These are lawyers that are concerned with resolving legal issues relating to Immigration mostly about renewal of Visa and naturalization. Immigration lawyers are tasked with staying informed on legal changes and new policies which could be implemented by the federal government. Immigration lawyers might decide to work on their own or maybe establish a firm if necessary and they can also decide on working with immigrants from a particular region or country so as to become experts.

Steps on Becoming An Immigration Lawyer

  • Find out More about Their Education and Career Duties – the job of immigration lawyers is also to help citizens obtain lawful permanent stay, visa or even green cards as well as helping citizens earn political asylum in a particular country. Having a doctoral, bachelor’s or a state-issued practice license are the basic requirements for being an immigration lawyer.
  • Securing a Bachelor’s Degree – the first step towards becoming an immigration lawyer is by securing a bachelor’s degree. However, being fluent in various languages and also having a perfect understanding of cultures is quite important in becoming an immigration lawyer.
  • Finishing from Law School – the next step towards becoming an immigration lawyer is by studying and graduating from law school where you would learn how to analyze as well as studying constitutional law and legal reasoning.
  • Passing the Bar Examination – after finishing from law school, another step to be taken is to pass the bar examination as success in this exams paves way for obtaining the license to practice as an immigration lawyer. This motivates you to concentrate more on immigration law as well as taking up specific courses in the same field.
  • Joining the Immigration Lawyer Association – becoming an immigration lawyer has no laid down pathway but there are several resources that can help one achieve success on the way and this involves networking with professionals, getting familiar with the immigration law community or even by joining the American Immigration Lawyer Association. This helps in getting more familiar with local chapters as well as paving way for you to meet clients who are in need of an immigration lawyer.

Alternative or Related Courses to Immigration Lawyer

There are several law related courses that Immigration lawyers could also venture into. They could choose to chase careers in family law, marriage law, house counseling, litigation and tax laws. Not just that as they could also choose to take up certain careers in helping to resolve issues outside court, working as mediators or as arbitrators. Working as legal assistants or as paralegals are also great options for immigration lawyers to pay close attention to.

Law Clinics

Most law clinics organize law clinics where students can get to work in the international human rights section, asylum, immigration law clinic or the refugee law clinic and one benefit which students stand to gain from partaking in these law clinics is earning course credits. These clinics teaches students representing and working with clients and students are also expected to spend about ten to twenty hours every week while working in any of these clinics.



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