When considering the possibility of moving to a country like Canada, it is extremely important that one should clearly understand the several ways through which the Canadian government allows foreigners into the country. The Canadian government has different visas and each has a specific type of applicant that fits into the category and these visas are divided into two;

  1. The temporary visa – the work permit and the student permit
  2. The permanent visa – Canadian experience class and federal skilled worker

Different Types of Visa Application to Canada

Now, we are going to take a look at the above mentioned categories and what each type of visa specifies or requires

  1. Student Visa – in this category, students from all around the world travel down to Canada to school in any of its prestigious universities or colleges. In other to be considered eligible for this visa, each student must tender a letter of acceptance to the immigration authorities from any institution of their choice and there must also be a certain financial proof that each student would be able to support his or her living and tuition fees in Canada. Having all these requirements puts one in the ideal position of securing a student visa to Canada to study
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Visa – This is the type of visa people apply so they can be permanent citizens of Canada. Several factors needs to carefully considered before considering anybody eligible for this visa and these factors include qualifications, ability to understand languages preferably English and French, working experience and level of education. Having a one year skilled experience is an edge when applying for this visa and it is also necessary that every applicant needs to speak with any immigration personnel to consider his or her chances of being eligible for this visa.
  3. Canadian Experience Class Visa – this visa is for those who currently live in Canada but would love to make their stay permanent. This visa is specially for skilled workers and having a one year work experience combined with the ability to understand either English or French places an applicant in an ideal position to be considered eligible.
  4. Work Permit – before one would think of working in Canada, he or she needs to first secure a work permit and most times, this involves having a job offer from a Canadian employer which is first approved by the government human authorities.

Apart from the types of visas listed above, here are some other common types of visas that are still open to foreigners;

  1. Provincial nomination programs
  2. QUEBEC selected skilled workers program
  3. Family sponsorship program
  4. Live-in caregiver program
  5. Federal skilled trade program

Final Thoughts

In order to become a citizen of Canada, the first step to be taken into action or consideration is securing a visa which would only be issued by the Canadian government. There are various types of visas open to foreigners and we have discussed them in this review to help you learn more and find one that would be suitable for you.


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