best well paying jobs in Canada without university degree

University degrees are quite important when trying to secure most jobs in Canada but recent studies have revealed that that doesn’t have to be the only option in finding something to do. There are certain jobs that every jobseeker should be aware of as there are quite numerous tech related and trade roles that are in high demand.

These kind of jobs do not require obtaining a university degree or even additional skill. This is the same as saying becoming a pilot requires specialized licenses and flight training while becoming a web developer requires having knowledge in a specific course.

Here are some of Canada’s best paying jobs that doesn’t require obtaining a university degree;

  • Truck Driver – this jobs pays between $144, 969. It has about one thousand, one hundred job postings every year and this falls between the month of May and July
  • Real Estate Management – this jobs comes with about 435 job postings in Canada every year and a real estate worker in Canada earns around $107, 843 in each year
  • Car Sales Executive – in Canada, the average salary of a car sales executive is around $78, 994 while its estimated 624 job postings comes around May and July each year
  • Maintenance Manager – every maintenance manager in Canada earns around $83,184 and it has as much as 367 job posting per year
  • Pilot – Pilots are paid on average in Canada and they earn around $75,396 with over one hundred job postings every year
  • Web Developer – this job has several openings in about May and July and it has a massive 1,117 job postings in every year. Web developers in Canada earn around $66,058
  • Electrician – electricians has a high demand in Canada and it has about one thousand, two hundred and ninety job posting every year. Electricians are paid around $62,339
  • App Developer – App developers earn around $66,058 and between the month of May and July, this job has about one thousand, one hundred and seventeen openings in Canada
  • Construction Inspector – the average salary of a construction inspector is about $64,675 and it also has about one hundred job postings per year
  • Sales Executive – sales executive has about one million posting every year with a job opening of about six hundred and twenty three openings per year. It’s average salary is about $63,017

It is quite evident that anyone is better off at securing good jobs with the use of a good degree but at the same time, education or academics isn’t for everybody and this review simply proves that without a university degree, one can still be paid a reasonable amount in Canada.

This review also shows that non degree jobs mostly occupy two powerful sectors in Canada and these sectors are the housing and oil sector. Pipe fitters, welders, realtors, transit drivers, service technicians, mechanics and uber drivers are also good paying jobs on Canada which do not require obtaining a university degree.


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