The United Nations recent human development report recently revealed that the world is now a good place to live in. Although it is still a fact that about eight hundred million people fall asleep at night feeling hungry but it is also a fact that over one billion people have also risen over the poverty state in the past twenty five years.

The recent reports by the United Nations has ranked the best countries to live in with reasons and the United Nations however reviewed over two hundred countries under factors like financial wealth, gender equality, education and life expectancy. Here are some of the best countries to live in the world and why;


best countries to live in the world and why

this is the highest ranking in education and it is recorded that half of every Canadian resident is believed to have graduated from college


this is quite a good country to live in but the United Nations also revealed that about five percent makes up the national GDP of its economy therefore leading to students spending about twenty years in school



this country has been ranked the highest in education, life expectancy and standard of living for about thirteen consecutive years and this is as a result of its economy’s influential healthcare system which is funded by the public. It has an average life expectancy of about eighty two years



this is the country with the best rank in the health sector. The average person in Switzerland is predicted to live for about eighty three years and they have a low risk of getting infected with HIV, malaria and tuberculosis



Denmark is tied with Singapore when considering the United Nations ranking and they have a very good median wage for both women and men in this country



International students and residents as at 2014 in Germany were all offered free university education and ninety six percent of Germany’s population has at least secondary school education



Netherlands is known for its income low rates in income inequality and there has been a steady decrease from the middle 90’s



citizens of Singapore are also expected to live for a longer period of time and they also have a life expectancy of about eighty three years



Icelanders have an increased life expectancy as they tend to live an average of 82.7 years



this is another high ranking country in the United Nations list as it has a very low crime rate while its homicide rate falls at about 1.1 per one thousand people.


United States of America

this is a high ranking country when talking about financial wealth and the average American is estimated to earn about $53,245 each year



Sweden citizens live long too and they have a high life expectancy of about 82.3 years


New Zealand

this country is famous for its educational system as students can obtain a very high level of education with a possibility of schooling for about nineteen years

These are the best countries to live in and they rank the best in terms of economic prosperity, job security, healthcare and education.


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