Australia proves to be one of the best destinations for skilled workers today and this is dependent on the availability of jobs in the country. The Australian skilled independent visa is one visa most people always apply for when moving to Australia and in recent times, thousands of applicants all over the world have ended up applying for this visa.

Applying for the Australian Skilled Independent Visa

Australian skilled independent visa 189 is also a permanent visa which enables immigrants to work and live in any city of their choice in Australia and the interesting part is it doesn’t come with a time stay or duration. There isn’t any need to have a territory or state nomination before one can be able to apply for this kind of visa.

For those living to work and live in Australia, this is the kind of visa they end up applying for and here is how to apply for this visa;

How to Apply

One thing every applicant or candidate has to do if he wants to settle for the skilled independent Australian visa is to confirm if his or her occupation is part of the Australian MLTSSL demand list as this is the light that keeps applicants informed on the occupations that are in high demand in the country.

Finding your occupation on the list means you are good to go and also able to apply for the Australia skilled independent visa.

Key Requirements

There are certain requirements that one must meet in order to qualify and they are;

  1. Having a minimum of seven bands in each IELTS module
  2. Must meet health and character requirements
  3. Have a passing grade in the skill assessment test
  4. Not more than 45 years of age

Furthermore, one has to score a minimum of sixty points as they would be calculated based on language skill, work experience, educational backing and age. The higher the score, the more closer you get to obtaining the Australian permanent resident visa.


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