The recognized way of applying for the American Visa Lottery is through a department of state website and everyone needs to be wary of non-governmental sites that charges money for applying. Electronic Diversity Free Visa form DS-5501 is the online form that one has to fill when the registration period finally opens and this form can never be downloaded so it could be filled outside as filling it online proves to be more secure and efficient.

Applying for the 2019 Visa Lottery System

There are certain rules one needs to be aware of as more than one entry can lead to disqualification and you can also wait for few more days to fill out yours due to the heavy demand online waiting to fill this form. It is also very important to note that one doesn’t have to send out certain documents like school records, work experience or even birth certificate other than submitting them online.

Here are some of the application instructions one needs to pay close attention to when filling out this form;

  1. Full name – family/last name in capital letters, given/first name, middle name
  2. Date of birth – day, month and year
  3. Gender – male or female
  4. Place where you were given birth to – self explanatory
  5. Country of birth – country where you were born
  6. Country of chargeability or eligibility for this program – the country of birth can also be used here
  7. Entry photographs – only individual photographs and not group photographs are accepted
  8. Mailing address – address lines, in care of, zip code, postal code, province code, county, district, town etc
  9. Country of residence – self explanatory
  10. Phone number – this is however optional
  11. Email address – quite mandatory and no longer optional
  12. Your highest level of education attained as at the time of filling – primary school only, graduate level courses, doctorate degree, university degree, university courses, master degree, high school etc
  13. Marital status – divorced, married, unmarried, legally separated, single
  14. Total number of children
  15. Spouse information – involves photograph, place of birth, date of birth, gender and more
  16. Children information – photograph, country of birth, date of birth, name, gender

It is also important for everyone to note that filling this form also requires filling a signature spot.

Confirmation Status

Successful registration of this form takes you to a confirmation message screen which holds applicants name and a confirmation number and this screen requires to be printed just for record purposes. This unique confirmation number is one that would be used in checking the applicant online status.

If by chance, one gets to misplace this unique confirmation number then the only way one can get to know if he or she is lucky in the lottery is by getting a mail or letter through post. However, KCC would not be able to send back your confirmation number once it is lost and it is also impossible for one to know or find out the list of selected persons from the United States consulate or embassy.


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  5. Hi mr/madam

    From somalia my name is mohamud
    I want to work and i live in canada so please helb me contect my phone number +2520907745438 thank you

  6. Hi mr/madam

    From somalia my name is mohamud
    I want to work and i live in canada so please helb me contect my phone number +2520907745438


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