A Canadian permanent resident is one whom the government has given a permanent stay in Canada after immigration but this person isn’t a Canadian by birth. Someone who resides in Canada temporarily like a foreign worker or a student isn’t a permanent resident of Canada.

Applying for Permanent Residency in Canada

Canada is often regarded to as the land of many opportunities as thousands of people secure permanent residency every single year and recent statistics have showed that Canada increases its number of successful applicants per year with so many more others having the same equal opportunity of being successful.

Being a permanent resident of Canada opens you to so many opportunities as you can work, live, and study in Canada permanently. The permanent residency of Canada is given out for a five year duration but there isn’t an option of renewal when it expires. Being a permanent resident of Canada simply means;

  1. You have the right to work, study and live in anywhere in Canada
  2. You are open to any social benefits a Canadian born by birth receives including health care coverage
  3. You are offered protection under the laws of Canada and also Canadian charter of rights and freedom
  4. You are open to applying for Canadian citizenship after your five year permanent residency

Becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada

There are several ways by which one can become a permanent resident of Canada and this should however be considered in immigration category terms. Every category under the immigration category signifies a legal approach towards obtaining a permanent residency and these categories are however listed into five;

  1. Business immigration
  2. Canadian experience class
  3. Provincial nominee programs
  4. Express entry category
  5. Family class immigration

However, all of these categories are all legal but the express entry application is one that puts applicants in a suitable or favorable position to be selected for the permanent residency.

Permanent Residency Card

The permanent residency card is one that denotes you have the permanent resident status and you are entitled to every major benefit Canada has to offer. When coming back from an airplane, a commercial vehicle, a bus or a train, one has to tender his or her permanent resident card when traveling outside Canada.

What You Should Know Before Applying for a Permanent Resident Card

This card is issued or is valid for a period of five years and in some cases, this card gets to be issued for just one year. This permanent resident card is given to addresses within Canada and it requires the applicant to collect it in person from a Canadian government office.

How to Lose a Permanent Resident Card

No one gets to lose his or her resident card when it expires but this card can be lost only through a legal process and some situations are listed below;

  1. When a removal order is given
  2. Voluntary renouncement of a permanent resident card
  3. After and PRTD or inquiry appeal, an adjudicator might strip you off this card
  4. Becoming a Canadian citizen

In Conclusion

Applying for a permanent resident in Canada can be extremely challenging, difficult and complex and let’s not forget time consuming that it is it is advised that before considering applying for a permanent resident of Canada, an applicant must first seek help from the immigration. This would help you avoid being refused or rejected after several months of applying.


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