Jobs in Canada is not easy to come by. Working in Ontario, Canada comes with alot of experience. Ontario is a province in east-central Canada that borders the U.S. and the Great Lakes. It’s home to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, known for Parliament Hill’s Victorian architecture and the National Gallery, featuring Canadian and indigenous art. The Job opportunity available is Cleaning Job.

Job Requirements

  • Applicants must be Good in English.
  • Ability to endure and patient
  • Have a little knowledge of Customer relations.
  •  Eligible for bonding.
  • Must be available to work shifts/ weekends.
  • Ability to deal courteously with the public.
  • Must be physically capable of performing required duties.

Here are some of the benefits that comes with this Job are; Applicants will be paid $17 per hour and about $4300 monthly depending on the Job administrations. Please note that all applicants are encouraged to provide a valid email address for communication purposes.



  1. I am interested to work in Canada.
    I think that it is an opportunity for me. I am Malagasy from Madagascar, 44 years old, 2 children.

  2. First I am glad to meet you. My Name is Tsehaye Tewelde From Ethiopia My Favorite Country In the world is To get Work In Canada.

    • vacancy job in USA Required Qualifications:
      Must be legally eligible to work in usa
      Live and work in Canada… I am willing to hire male or female workers in my company .. interested to work? do
      whatsapp me immediately +234 7062973637

  3. I am really interested in moving to Canada, work and provide for my family and to expand my knowledge. Will be very grateful for your help.

  4. Thanks administrator of this page.But us as pple looking for jobs we are heartbroken because pple have stolen us in very many ways as in the pretence of getting us jobs in some counties

  5. I’m Silvia from Kenya….I’m interested in that job… Please do me a favour…..I’m willing to do any job to raise my kids thankz in advance.

  6. My name is Adeyemi Oluwafemi, I’m interested in cleaning job and if my request is granted I will be very grateful. Thanks

  7. I’ m youssef addakoun from Morocco I’ve 23 years old I have baccalaureate and. I have many experience. More information contact in my phone or my gmail.
    Youssefaddakoun@gmail. Com

  8. Hello there,
    Hope all has been well with you,
    am Health safety and environment Engineer working with drilling Company.
    I am interested into any jobs in HSE field in canada.

  9. I am 33yrs old very strong and healthy, I am doing electrical, linesman presisly, but I am ready to do anywork when I travel abroad

  10. Hello !!! I’m not speak english fluently but I’m very very interressing to job in your country because i will want to become a person of interest for my country and to be a exemple for my family because i’m a first. Thanks.

  11. Hello !!! I’m not speak english fluently but I’m very very interressing to job in your country because i will want to become a person of interest for my country and to be a exemple for my family because i’m a first. Thanks.

    • I would like to do Canada country for everything so send me Visa card free coverage cost. I have first degree from Ethiopian University.

  12. I have four years experience in Aeronautical boilermaking (machinist _sheet metal workshop )
    I have diploma in Industrial maintenance

  13. Ineed any job for canada
    I am harun shaam ilive in mugdishu the capital city of somalia and iam 19yrs i certificate of secondry school in somlia
    “I hope i get agood job for canada “

  14. I am Ashok Kumar Das. From India. Me have experience 20years oil &gas sector.. Also I have offshore and onshore expirences. Presently I working at Madagascar .Ambatovy mining project.. If you have any job for me. Please give me all that information.. How to I get that job. My whatsapp number. +261335081024.

  15. I am a bachelor of science in Human resource management graduate currently looking for a customer service or Human resource role.

  16. I am a Sierra Leonean from the East end call kenema Marry with two children a trained and qualified teacher but can do any cleaning job y email peterdesmondkoroma@Gmail or phone number +23278417305/+23288378404

  17. Am a GCE holder from Nigeria but currently live in Malabo… Am seeking asylum so as to secure a job in Canada…. I have a knowledge in Spanish and fluent in English too… Please give a chance to prove myself

  18. Really, i want to come to Canada just to make life.
    Because, i live to Africa special Burundi country which is more poor in the world.
    I hope good answer for my request.
    Thank you, God bless you.

  19. My name is Hamda mohomed mahomoud i wand to work in Canada ?? i have degree of midwifery and nursery please help me
    I study in Somali numberka 00252634117293 thnks

  20. I have an English deplome “English litterature civilisation and language from the better university of language in Tunisia , I believe that I’m skilled , love to do many things , have a sense of art , and the most important love to work abroad , stand by myself ,earn my own money and live safely in such a beautiful place ” Canada” . Thank you so much

  21. Hello, My name is bassem, from Lebanon I’m Mechanical supervisor , and I’m working maintenance manager in ( mechanical department ) in Nigeria since 2012

  22. Bonjours
    Je suis d’administrateur de ressource humaines j’ai 28 expérience de travail dans l’administrations et opérations des sécurités dans la Port de Republique de Djibouti. Enfaite je besoin de travail.

  23. I have diploma in plant Science and
    Degere in Sociology Ethiopea wolaita sodo unversity
    I want to work Canada you will invait me
    am ready

  24. I m somali girl I am interesting to get job
    I have certificate first degree of medicine and surgery I graduated 2017 at Jazeera university
    Of Somalia now I m general practitioner
    So help be to get new job


  25. My name is Ibrahim. I am 29 years old. I have a technical diploma in metal installation. I have many experience and experience. I want to work in Canada and live a decent life.

  26. Am Mr Ashik Aucharuz residing in Mauritius. Am 27 years old and have bachelor degree in Accounting minor Finance. I actually work in Bank. Me and my wife want to come to Canada to work there. We kindly request you to help us get there in order.

    Thanks and. Regards

    Ashik Aucharuz

  27. Hello, I am a single young man. I am 35 years old. I am a Moroccan citizen. I want to live in Canada for the purpose of marrying a Canadian girl. I work there to settle in Canada. I have a good salary and I live happily. I hope you will accept my request and help me to travel to Canada.

    • I am naima Mansouri a Tunisian english teacher I am married and have two daughters I want to immigrate with them I can not let them live in Tunisia I can do any other kind of job in addition to teaching

  28. My Name is IFEANYI ALUMA. I am seeking for a good job position in a multinational company where my skills are litilzed to the maximum to achieve the targets and objectives laid down by the company and eahance my carcer.

  29. My name is tcheutcheu Patrick I am a commercial I study in an professional school in Cameroon I study marketing too and I need to go and share my experience that I study in Cameroon on canada that why I read to you. That you to reply my message

  30. Hello my name is abubakar abdullahi usman,iam a graduate and i can speak three international language’s, which is English,, Swahili,, and hausa,so with this i can be and serves as means of good communication to any organization especially the organization that deal with african country ,and moreover i have a good skilled of security profession in the case of wire house if it may be needed,and finally iam honest person to be trusted, thank you, yours abubakar…here is my gmai acc,

  31. I – Renseignement Personnel :
    Nom : MERRAD
    Prénom : SALAH
    Date de naissance : 1975
    Lieu de naissance : Grarem Gouga wilaya de Mila
    Nationalité : Algérienne
    Situation familiale : Marié + 03 enfants
    Adresse : cite Safsafa – Grarem Gouga
    43100 – Wilaya de Mila
    Tél Mob : 07 82 11 16 02
    Fax : 031 44 55 48
    Adresse E Mail : :
    Situation vis à vis du service national : Dégagé
    Service effectué : 1997 au 1999
    Groupe sanguin : A+

    II – Formation Professionnelle
    1- Stages et Diplômes :
    – Possédant d’un permis de conduire : Léger.
    – Possédant d’un diplôme : Technicien Métreur Gros Œuvre (Période : 1994-1997)
    Stage pratique : 06 mois
    Au sein : Entreprise publique Hamala Grarem Gouga wilaya de Mila
    – Possédant d’un certificat d’informatique (installation et réparation + traitement de texte)
    2- Carrière professionnelle :
    Poste occupé :
    Technicien de suivie :
    -B E T : OUARGLA
    Du 03/02/2002au 20/07/2004
    Technicien de coordination :
    -SOREST Constantine
    Du 15/09/2004 au 21/07/2005 ( Service technique )
    Conducteur de travaux :
    -EPLF Boumerdes
    Du 10/08/2005 au 21/03/2007(Travaux de construction 120 villas a Constantine)
    – ETP Boulaterous
    Du 05/04/2007 au 20/11/2007 (Travaux VRD A Sidi Marouf W/ Jijel )
    -ETP Hamioud yazid
    Du 15/01/2007 au 20/05/2008 (Réalisation d’une CEM à nouvelle ville Ali Mendjeli Constantine )
    -SNC Frères Lacheheb
    Du 10/04/2008 au 20/09/2009 (Travaux hydraulique assainissement Beni hmidaine )
    -ETP Bouchemel
    Du 20/09/2009 au 20/05/2010 (Projet réalisation d’un centre des impôt a Constantine )
    -SNC Boussouf
    Du 25/07/2010 au 23/02/2011 (Projet résidence de wali a Mila )
    -SNC Frères Lacheheb
    Du 20/03/2011 au 07/10/2011 (Assainissement de Daira d’elkharoub a Constantine)
    Métreur de chantier :
    – ETP Baldi (centrale à béton)
    Conducteur de travaux :
    SNC Frères Lacheheb (Travaux d’assainissements nouvelle universitaire Constantine )
    – SNC Boussouf (Construction Cabinet de Wali / Mila)
    -ETP Boumendjel (Construction lycée a Sidi Marouf Wilaya de Jijel )
    -ETPH Freres Kachekare (Raccordement des collecteurs principaux d’assainissement vers la STEP wilaya de Constantine )
    -GCB Filiale de SONATRACH ( Projet TOUAT GAZ Adrar travaux infrastructure )
    -GTH Annaba ( Projet Ain fakroune wilaya de OUM EL BOUAGHI Réalisation réservoir 2000m 3 )
    Conducteur d’engins
    -ETP Bourfaa ( Pelle hydraulique sur chenille )
    Travaux supplémentaire
    Attachement+ situation + facture + devis quantitatif et estimatif +analyse projet +avenant et avenant de clôture
    III – Centre d’intérêt :
     Informatique ( métrise les logiciels )
    V – Compétences :

    – Sérieux / Sens de responsabilité
    – Dynamique / Esprit de travail en groupe
    VI – Autres : Métrise les plans de ferrayage et coffrage , niveau de chantier et l’implantation

  32. I would like more info please,I’m a boilermaker by trade and is urgently seeking job abroad as our economy is down right now.

  33. Hello i am interested in your travel tour for assistance for Canada visa. I am professional Nurse from Nigeria.

  34. Need job in Canada, I have experience in many areas like, Reception work, Housekeeping, swimming pool cleaning, kitchen work, administration work, fumigation work…

  35. Bonjour ;
    Apres mes salutation
    Je voudrais migurė au canada je suis tectnician en froid industri jais deja inscri a arrima mes pas de nouvelle merci voter intėréson

  36. My name is Christian Negussie I’m graduated by plumbing work & 34 years old, pls I want to live & to work in Canada help me to get the opportunity pls

  37. Hi there my name is Adamu Tesfaye I have experience working there as a customer service associate for 2 years. I really want to work in Canada

  38. Hi,my is Dominic Martey,I’m from Ghana ,I’m interested to in Canada, please help me ,,+233542682947

  39. I am Osama from Algeria. I am 32 years of age. I work in the field of maintenance, repair and technical support. I have high efficiency in paints, bac + 3 level and practical experience in administration for more than 4 years. Im interested .

  40. I am interested on jobs in Canada so that I am looking for ur great help. I have BSc Degree on public health with cumulative GPA of 3.58

  41. I see that I am really not the only one interested in living in Canada but I also know not all of these people will get there … anyway , My name is Lounis , I’m 22 years old , I live in Algeria and currently stopped studying french in the university , because it is useless , I wanted to study English but they didn’t accept me because the overall note wasn’t enough even though I got a great mark , my dream is to go and live abroad , I ‘m very capable , young , well educated person , I don’t give up , I do my best , and really wish I could get out of my situation , I’ve worked as a waiter , as a Barman , I got some experience from them , but I really wish I could get some thing worth the studies and the years I’ve studied , I know English very well , I write and speak it clearly I also have a YouTube channel and I will not be successful if I stay here and I got thousands of fans across the world , and a couple hundreds of subscribers from Canada , anyway , I put my email here , and I really hope this is not a scam , there’s not trust in the internet these days but , I’ll try this once !
    My email is :
    by me , Lounis

  42. Hello,, I’m riad from annaba, Algeria.
    24yearsold. I’am graphic designer,
    I have a 2 years experience in this Work and I have ambition to be a great one

    • I’m Israel Rogers. I live in Monrovia Liberia West Africa. I’m a train industrial security personnel with five years working experience. I’m a forty years old man. I do want to live and work in Canada. If you can make this possible me, it will be a dream come true.

  43. My name is Daniele from Ethiopia I am working with China National Aero Technology Ethiopian Branch office as of public Relation Officer and Logestic Assistance , I have Advanced Diploma on Electronics Technology and a good experience on Administration and technical works when I get the chance from Canada I will move for the better opportunity thank you in advance

  44. I am Stanley weiah I am interested in getting this opportunity to work and live Canada. I am a Liberian 23 years and major language is English

  45. I am chibani razic i have a long visa for Canada i m looking for ajob in quebec or in mont real or in ontario Iworked as a teacher in high school and also as a manager my phone number is 213659585891

  46. Hello every one
    My name is isak mohamed hasan

    I want to get that work

    Becouse i can

    I need work and i can every one

  47. Hello!hello my name is christian tshibangu i have to work in canada in any organization where job to acquire a very good knowledge that will give me a better life later thanks for your understanding

  48. Good morning am Nancy from Kenya n am looking for an opportunity to work in honest trustworthy hardworking n energetic also a team player

  49. Am an Electrical technician with a National diploma and am a Ugandan willing to work from abroad.
    Í have experience in my field and am even flexible for any job available.
    Í Wish to hear from you about the opportunity,

  50. Hello
    I’m billel from algeria im certified electrician with more than 2 years of experience and I’m qualified to operate the industrial production machines more information please contact me at
    My email:
    My mobile number: +213777194620
    Best regards billel

  51. My name is Agbo Anthony I’m from Nigeria and I’m perfect in business and I know you people can help me get to Canada thank you

  52. Hello my name is salami idowu from ekiti state Nigeria I’m looking for job in Canada anybody who ready to help me out this is my contacts+2348130893844 thank

  53. Im Habtamu,if canada wanting a worker,i’ll do every type of job,coz on my life i hear always 100% positive;at every aspect,calling a human still,if i get a chance to work;im a human,who is being /human being/+tanke you for reading and make me considered
    God bless

  54. I am Ali Anmed from Ethiopia. I am 37 years age. I am a marketing officer by profession. I have bachelor of education in geography & worked as a high school teacher for 11 years. I have also BA degree in marketing management. Currently, I am working as senior marketing officer in a private company. I am married. I do have a baby boy. If I get a chance to go to Canada for better work and life, I will be very happy. I need family Visa & work permit in Canada. MY phone number is +251911 727379 e-mail
    Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

  55. Dear interested to be with you. An My personal job l doing it’s a electrical also doing painting, plumbing, an also having my certificate. An you can have me on (+2203675774 (+2207033240 (+2202280966)

  56. Am fulafu aggrey from Uganda am looking for a job I have a diploma in business administration specialized in accounting thank u

  57. Name Sheikh Abu Bakr of Mauritania Search for work in your institutions through which I earn a decent living I am now a work-off I was working in his partner Kinross mines, an eight-year work in the truck fleet operates

  58. Hi
    My name is Romeo T Gibson
    I am a liberian, bass by tribe and are live in Monrovia Liberia,
    Please help me are need a job.
    He is my contact
    (321776253725) or (231886619101), or you can also contact me on my email address

  59. Hello! I am Habib Barry am Guinean I am 22 years old I did school am great in Arabic English and French I am so interesting in this job. So for more information host contact me please on my address
    002209912514 actually I live in the Gambia for English Courses. Thank you.

  60. Hi im sabrina a from tunsien
    I do sewing exactly the mattresses of all kinds Please give me a work contract in the two areas of the plan
    Reply pleasssse .thank you

  61. Am extremely interested to work with u in Canada so am kindly requested your amible to except me your country and am requesting your humbleness cooperation to allow me in jobs application and thank very much for excitement.

  62. I am hoping to work and live in Canada. Please help me get through the process that is involved. My WhatsApp number +252618763631

  63. Dear All,
    I wish I can have one company to work. I’m a graduate since 2009 with Bsc. Honours in Accounting and finance. Hope to find a job here.
    Osman Ishmael Kamara.

  64. I’m Omer from Sudan
    I,m an Electric Engineer
    I have 6 years experience in the Sudanese Electricity Distribution company in medium and low voltage operation and maintenance from January 2012 to November 2018, now I’m work in Ethiopian with Eldim will Drilling company (Solar pump Engineer ) from November 2018 yet now

  65. My name is Moses Bona Steve. I am a Nigerian and Scaffolder, Computer Operator I have experience in my fied and which to have a job in Canada and to success of the country Canada. Anticipating your kind respond. Thanks.

  66. My name is ali juma from Tanzania.i have an experience in electrician and plumber and store that im already any time if my document are needed.thtis is my telephone number +255652005742

  67. My name is Mohammed Abdallah I am from Djibouti and I have diploma in English teaching.
    I have experience in warehousing and Logistics service so I have 10+ years experience in this 2 positions.
    even flexible for any job available.
    Í Wish to hear from you about the opportunity,

    Thanks in advance

  68. Hi! I’m really interested in jobs in Canada. It’s my dream country. My name is Eugène TEME aged 26years . I’m from Benin. Thank you very much for understanding.

  69. Canada have been my dream country for years and I want to work in Canada and school in Canada please how can I make this to happen in this 2019 please I need your help sir thanks

  70. Hi,everyone my name’s Amrani ibrahim am 24 years old my education is 3as I mean secondary I which to visit Canada ?? and working there and get a friends and talk with,so please I promise you I will be a good man please I need a job because I don’t have a dad and my mom she is too old

  71. Bonsoir chers tous mon nom est Eugène Akossou anani je suis d’origine béninoise résident à Cotonou j’ai 35ans je cher je à travailé au Canada en tant que Conducteur d’engins de BTP ou chauffeur gros porteur routier mon adresse eamil: mon numéro de contact : 95024847

  72. I am Abdulrazaq Modibbo Abubakar, I have experience on Public relations, also experience and certificate on Film directing , also i have certificate for Community Based Health First Aid , and Certificate for Home Nursing .

    I am hopefully expecting ur approval for my request in travelling for a work in Canada.

  73. My name is hoggas nabil Born on September 13, 1971 in the city of Khanshala in Algeria. Bachelor of Legal and Administrative Sciences. I have a work experience of 24 years. I work as an administrative manager in the National Taxation Department. Married and father of 4 children.

  74. Je me suis nommé taher j ai 28ans je un diplôme baccaulerat hôtelière j aimerai bien trouvé une travail en canada répondre sur mon contacté ou mon adress email .+77042093 adress email merci

  75. I went job .i am intersted to work in canada,my nema is tesfom born on 1/1/1990 in ciyt of asemera in eritera. I have a work experiance of 9 years.driver

  76. I went job .i am intersted to work in canada,my nema is tesfom born on 1/1/1990 in ciyt of asemera in eritera. I have a work experiance of 9 years.driver,

  77. I have interested pls I want to apply pls dis is my details name ilesanmi sola ayobami phone 08136473255 date of birth 5/July /1992

  78. Bonjour j’aimerais être sélectionné pour le.canada afin de venir travailler et vivre heureux de ce magnifique pays qui est le Canada … Je suis âgée de 22ans , aucun enfant

  79. Hello I am very much deleted to have work with one of your jobs name is pateh sabally age 30, and a gambian.i have complcompleted high school. And studied arts I hope to hear from soon.and this is my email and tell phone 0022,7424518.

  80. Je suis licencié en Sciences Politiques et Administratives. Je parle français , mais l’anglais c’est à apprendre. Qu’il vous plaise de m’écrire en français.

  81. My name is Stephane Ahoro I’m interest to work in Canada.I live in Togo and my work is a Mechanic Automobiles.

  82. Dear Sir/Madam, I am Solomon Danor from the republic of Liberia. I am 26 years of age, single and also a graduated. It has been my prayer to work Canada, and I also pray to be part of this massive recruitment.

  83. Yes
    I want to work in Canada
    I am very very interested Canada
    So I help you that
    I live in hergeisa city somalia
    I am 24 year’s old

  84. Bonjour, je suis technicien maintenance Hydrolcien soudeur plombier chauffagiste chauffeur geran dans tous les ma qualification a été obtenu en Allemagne pendant quatre ans langue française Almand ainsi que l’arabe ,je fais la boucherie, j’ai essayé plusieurs fois aucun résultat trouvé jusqu’à présent Melle j’aimerais savoir comment je peut déposer mon dossier ou je me présente a un certain bureau, merci beaucoup, j’attends votre réponse favorable veuillez agréer Monsieur l’expression de mes sentiments distingués

  85. Hello my name is Abdisamad Suleiman am from Somaliland am 22 years old I have bachelor degree of computer science am very interesting this gold Apportunity am very appreciate to do this best wey I have three years of experience I worked two companies graphic designer and accountant thanks

  86. My name is Rajuma from Ethuiopia.I’m interested to work in Canada .try to help me.I’m well experienced in Health Care.I have BSc Degree in Nursing. call me via, +1251913873792.

  87. Hi, I’m Miguel, I’m interested in job offers that the country of Canada is giving.

    I am in Equatorial Guinea Africa. my phone is (+240) 222234827

    You can write me with my email that (

    greeting from equatorial guinea

  88. Am ready to work in Canada, I have work
    in three deference company in Nigeria I will be very glad if my request can be favourable accepted and I will contribute towards the progress of the company, u can contact me through this number or whatsapp, 08073948481.

  89. Dear
    I am from Ethiopia and graduated in Bsc degree in agricultural engineering and mechanization. Now i am looking a kind of hearted institution to work any job.Can i get any job in Canada? i also speak English fluently.

  90. Thanks
    My name is cabdurrashiid Abdurrahmaan
    My country Ethiopia
    Put now in Somalia town Hargisa refugee
    I’m refugee please help me
    My life in Somalia town Hargisa refugee
    Please help me
    My phone number +252634129677.

  91. I am Adane from ethiopia ,I am interested to work in Canada and I am 5 year electrical and computer engineering I need your support

  92. Agreed to any position given to me by a company as a qualified applicant with BA in Econ, Higher diploma in Business Admin, Masters ad well & willing to go to Canada to live there.

  93. Hi, how are you
    My name is Abdoul Salam Diallo, I am really interested in your work so it will be an oprtunity if you give it to me.
    Thank you

  94. Hello my name’s Mame Abdou konteye live in Sénégal of africa i have 27years old may i need your helpping for work in Canada please

  95. I would like thank you for the oppprtunity that you prepare for us. NOW I am waiting to work at CANADA. THANK you.

  96. Am i alehegn lijalem, from ethiopia, i have frist dgree from universty. I have more than 13 years expriance in military sirvice. I need a job in canada. My phone number 251910862965.


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