There are quite some things everyone ought to know about the Canadian temporary resident visa and they are as follows;

Studying with the Temporary Resident Visa

If you intend staying not more than six months then you can make use of the temporary resident visa but if you intend staying for more than six months then you would need to obtain a study permit. This type of visa also allows you to study if you are a member of the foreign armed force and if you are also on a work permit then your kids can study up to elementary level.

All You Need to know about the Temporary Resident Visa

Required Documents for Application

There are certain documents required when applying for the temporary visa and they are financial details, return ticket, passport and any other mentioned or needed document.

Temporary Resident Visa

This is the type of visa that proves you have met every requirement to stay in Canada but on temporary basis. You do not need this visa if you are from the visa exempt country but you would need to obtain an electronic travel authorization if only you intend traveling by air.

Period of Stay

How long you stay depends only on if the visa has a date written by hand or has a stamp but the normal stay for every temporary visa is six months.

How Family or Friend Can Apply for Such Visa

Applying outside the country is the only way a family member or a friend can actually apply for a temporary visa to Canada. This then follows with a letter of invitation which discloses way you intend helping them when they visit the country. However, this approach still doesn’t guarantee obtaining the visa.

In conclusion, you would be required to apply for this visa if you intend visiting Canada on a business trip except if you are applying from a visa exempt country.


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