The official and diplomatic Canadian visas was one specifically created for the purpose of foreign officials and diplomats to be able to travel to Canada either for official responsibilities or duties.

This type of visa is listed under the Canadian temporary visa stating it is specifically for diplomats and officials of foreign countries.

Before this visa is issued, the foreign diplomats or officials must come from a country where visas to Canada is required and they must also have official or diplomatic passports. Meanwhile, if you have an old passport with a diplomatic, consular or an official acceptance then you do not require this type of visa.

The importance or benefit of this type of visa is just to make sure you don’t pass through the stress of customs and immigration check when entering Canada. Upon arriving Canada, you are not permitted to stay more than the duration of your diplomatic or official visit and you are also not allowed to work or study in Canada with such visa.

You are also not granted free access to the country’s health care systems, social insurance benefits or even applying for the Canadian citizenship.

Key Requirements for the Official and Diplomatic Visa

The only way you can be offered the official or diplomatic visa or the only way you can be eligible is by belonging to any of the following categories;

  1. Being a foreign diplomat courier
  2. Being the senior official like the commissioner, secretary general or assistant secretary general of any of the temporary foreign worker organizations
  3. Being a member of an international organization or a head of state
  4. If you are a career consular officer or you want to embark on a temporary visit to Canada
  5. If you are traveling on a diplomatic assignment
  6. You belong to the household of a diplomatic agent

Failure to meet any of these requirements means this visa wouldn’t be granted so you would have to apply for another type of temporary visa to Canada or just settle for a courtesy visa to Canada.



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