The bridging work permit is a type of permit that enables a Canadian worker to stay in Canada while trying to secure a permanent residency. This work permit is specifically an open work permit and also has its advantages over a job specific work permit.

A foreigner can be allowed to work for any Canadian employer with this type of permit and it also opens foreigners to various opportunities in the Canadian economy.

All to Know about Bridging Open Work Permit

What Makes One Eligible for this Permit

There are certain criteria that makes one eligible for the bridging open work permit and they are listed below;

  1. Must reside in Canada
  2. Must have applied for an open work permit and have a possible permanent residence eligibility status
  3. Must be the main applicant of the Canadian permanent residence
  4. Must possess a valid work permit

Ineligible Criteria

  1. If the applicant has an expired status
  2. If the applicant has a work permit that extends more than four months
  3. Hasn’t submitted a nominee letter
  4. Possesses a fresh labor market impact assessment

Method of Application

  1. Submission of acknowledgement of receipt letter
  2. Submission of necessary documents indicated in the Canadian’s government checklist
  3. If the application was done through the provincial nominee program and the nomination letter has to be submitted

Applying outside Canada means that the letter would be sent through the visa office if your application was successful.



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