One of the top immigrant-friendly country we have today is Australia and every year, Australia opens its borders to thousands of immigrants all over the world.

The first step towards obtaining citizenship in Australia is by securing a permanent residency which allows applicants to work, study and live in any of the Australian cities. Spending some amount of time being a permanent resident of Australia opens you to the option of applying for citizenship.

The permanent residency and citizenship of Australia are slightly similar but being a citizen of Australia leaves you open to some added bonus and benefits like being able to run for an office during the elections and also being able to vote.

Australian citizens can also travel away from Australia whenever they want and they can also apply for defense related jobs.

How to Apply for Australian Citizenship

There is a massive shortage in skilled workers presently in Australia and the country is looking to recruit skilled workers from other countries so every year, the Australian government brings out a list of the top occupations with high demands and invite skilled workers from outside the shores of the country with the work experience that is required.

When applying for the Australian permanent resident either through offline or online, every applicant must select an application that matches his or her profile. There is a general skilled migration type of visa which makes use of a point-based system in selecting immigrants and bringing them to Australia.

Every candidate is required to score a minimum of sixty points and also submitting an expression of interest online so as to qualify and the higher the points, the better your chances of getting invited.


After obtaining the Australian permanent residency, you can now travel to Australia but you need to have a minimum of four years on your permanent resident status to be able to apply for citizenship. Recently, Australia has increased its citizenship requirement test as candidates now have to write a test on some questions and also to prove their proficiency in English language.



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